Hope you all had an amazing weekend, enjoyed the good weather and are ready for this weeks learning.
So onto today…



SPELLING – below are this weeks spelling. Again there is a quiz to be completed on purple mash once these spelling are LEARNT. Also I would like you to learn the first 15 spelling off the Year 5/6 word list that you were given before we left school.
Finally please look and complete all 2do’s on purple mash


ENGLISH – I am interested to know what your day consists of at home. Choose one day from last week and write me a diary entry. Be as detailed as you can and remember all the key writing targets we talk about. I look forward to reading how you and your family spend your day.



SCIENCE – Last week I asked you to tell me how the skeleton worked, label bones and create an information page on why it is important.
This week we are going to move onto organs of the body. Can you create a big poster explaining: The major organs of the body, their position within the body, their job and how they help keep the body working.
Remember to include interesting facts, diagrams and pictures.
There is also a 2do on purple mash focusing on where organs are located in the body.

Have a great day – Mr B

Goooooood Morning Class 5 ?

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