Hope you had a fantastic day yesterday and got on well with the challenges set.
Here are the challenges for today.


This recipe makes 24 squares.
Your challenge is to see if you can work out the amounts of ingredients needed for: 12 squares, 6 squares, 8 squares, 16 squares, 32 squares and 60 squares.
Explain how you worked out the ingredients for each question.
EXTRA CHALLENGE – can you make the millionaire shortbreads (I know not healthy lifestyles but everyone needs a treat now and again ?). The link for the recipe is

If the link doesn’t work just type easy millionaire shortbread into google ?


After seeing the fabulous video that was sent yesterday, I would like you to write a “Thank You Letter” to the people who deserve the biggest thank you at the minute… your parents!! Take time to think about everything they are currently doing for you and your family to make this situation the best it can be and say a BIG thank you via a letter.
I am looking forward to seeing these ☺️


Now this task may require two days. What I’d like you to do first is pick 3 countries from around the world and find out what is their primary food production. From their can you research: how much of this food they produce a year, how they produce/make the food, how much money they earn from the food and where the food ends up (around the world).

Secondly, can you map where the food is exported out of these 3 countries. Ideas for how to present this could be : a world map with string, or with the focus country in the middle of an A3 piece of paper and lines drawn to flags of countries exported to. You can be as creative as you want. Those are just ideas. You might be able to combine both tasks together. I look forward to seeing the end results.

Have a great day – Mr B

Good Morning Class 5 – Wednesday is upon us!

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