Well done to all on a fabulous week of learning, I have loved seeing the vast range and ways you have approached different tasks!
So today’s home learning. There isn’t going to be a much as I would like you to catch up with any challenges you haven’t already done. However below are today’s tasks.


A tough one today class 5 to finish off the ratio work.


I would like you to draw, colour and label the human heart. You can find lots of drawing on google that will help. Below are some pictures and ideas that might give you an idea on how to complete the task.

You may choose to use one of these drawings or alternatively find your own. Please be as creative as you can. Some of you might choose to collage or paint your drawing. Send me your finished pieces!

Your second challenge is to find the resting heart rates (bpm) of these listed below

Have a great day – Mr B

Good Morning Class 5 – It’s Friday!!! ??

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