I am just going to start by saying how amazed I am that I have now had work sent to me from 25/28 children in the class – that’s 89%!! Well done to everyone – it is truly fabulous how much you are doing at home!
So moving on to today’s work which is actually going to take two days, although I will post more maths and guided reading in the morning.


For the next two days I would like you to create your very own restaurant. Whether you like Italian, Chinese or Indian you can choose what you theme your restaurant will take, it might even be street food! There are plenty of examples on the internet . So to create your restaurant you will need to:

ART/IT – Create a catchy name, design how it will appear on your restaurant front and also create a company logo. You could maybe build your restaurant out of Lego! You could design your logo on Microsoft Word! Or you could draw how your restaurant will look on a big sheet of paper.

ENGLISH – every restaurant needs a menu. Your job is to create a short, appetising menu that will attract diners. You will need 3-5 starters, mains, desserts and drinks. Finally you will be need to describe using carefully chosen adjectives each meal. I am sure you can all remember the Stone Age Menus you all did absolutely fabulously.
If you look online there are lots of menu design that you can replicate. You can draw or do it on the computer. It is your choice, you might even do discount days or 2-4-1 Wednesday’s ! I leave that up to you.

MATHS -now your restaurant will need glass in the windows so here’s a challenge for you to work out how much the glass will cost. Tip: look for windows with same area but different perimeter.

DT – I would like you to try and design your restaurant, it could be drawn or out of Lego. Finally I would like you to draw me a floor plan of the inside of your restaurant – where the seats will be, the bar, the kitchen etc. Be as detailed as you can, you could even give me measurements working out the area and perimeter! .


Can you make one of the meals off your menu, maybe you could treat your parents to dinner on Friday night ?.

Have a great time – I am looking forward to seeing where I will be dining in the future!

Mr B

Good morning Class 5 ?

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