I hope you’re all had a good time designing your restaurants and I am looking forward to seeing those later this week. Today I am setting you one additional tasks and some fun games this afternoon so you can enjoy the weather.

GUIDED READING – Choose your favourite book or the one you are reading now. From there choose 1 chapter. Your task within that chapter is to write down all the past and present progressive tense that is used.
For example: They are writing a book – the “are writing” is the present progressive tense.
In the sentence – we were visiting a park, the “were visiting” is the past progressive tense.
It will be interesting to see how much or little there is in a chapter of different books.

PE – to enjoy the afternoon please select or complete one of the activities below. These have come from the SSP.

Have a great day – Mr B

Good Morningggg – Class 5 ??

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