All the photos have been judged by my friend and he said well done to everyone who entered – there were some fabulous photographs from the local area.

So in first place – Phoebe

Judges Comment – I love the depth to this image. The flowers give a clear foreground, the subject is in the mid ground and the background is the water. The depth of field gives the water a mysterious appearance and there’s great contrast in colours. Great job!

Second place – Grace R

Judges Comment – What I like here is that the background contributes to the image and the clear colour palate of the picture. It’s also pin sharp which isn’t easy with a live subject like this. Really nice photo.

Third Place – Cole

Judges Comment – Again we’ve got great depth here with foreground, mid ground and background. The hills give lovely sweeping lines and you’ve captured some drama and contrast in the sky with some lovely sun at the bottom. Well done! 

Well done to all participants, it was very tough to judge.
Finally Phoebe, as a reward my friend said if you would like a free picture taken of any landmarks landscape in the local area taken and sent to you then he said he is more than happy to do that. Just send me an email of what you would like. Well done !

Mr B

Photo Competition – The Result

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