So today we should be in school starting the last half term of Class 5 and for Year 6 the last half term at Brandesburton Primary School and I am really gutted this isn’t going to happen the way any of us wanted to. I know there will be special half days and things to look forward to but for me it’s just not the same. However as the weeks go by, more children will return to school, as will I, along with most of the teachers. Now, because we are returning, it would be very tricky to carry on the class blog the way we have so this will be the last week it will work like this and we will move onto a more whole school approach next Monday.
I will post more details of this as the week progresses but for now let’s crack on with another week of learning!!

MATHS – With the premier league back on the horizon I thought it would be topical to look at some football related maths (there will be more maths tomorrow)

THEME – Now, over the next two days I would like you to create an information text on the jobs that the Red Blood Cells, White Blood Cells, Platelets and Plasma do in the Human Body. You can be as creative as you like. This website below might help.

SCIENCE – I would like you to research different types of blood groups and explain how you become a certain type of blood group. Can a blood group be passed down from parent to offspring? I look forward to reading what you find out.

ENGLISH – Two tasks. First task is a Haiku about a particular body cell you have researched in theme. See my example below.

Second task is to write a riddle again about a particular body cell. See my start of a riddle below. Please make sure yours includes 8-10 clues with the hardest clue at the start and the easiest clue towards the end.

DT – Creating blood smoothies. See the recipe below for making a blood smoothie! Make it, try it and tell me what you think!

ART – Using the website below learn some new painting techniques and create a big picture of one of the human body cells. You can use the pictures below to help you if you wish!

Please feel free to do more than one of the art work. Maybe try different techniques for different pictures.

Have a fabulous couple of days – Mr B

Welcome back Class 5 – hope you had a great half term ?

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