Well done to everyone completing the work – I hope we are finding it ok. I woke up this morning and saw rain out of the window for the first time in a long time. What is going on??!!
Today’s learning is below.

MATHS – Have a go at this jumping frogs game ! What is the highest amount of blue and pink frogs you can complete the game with? Send me pictures of your completed game! Can you explain how you did it aswell?I will be interested to see your reasoning Have fun!


ENGLISH/SCIENCE – I would like you to create a detailed leaflet or an information page explaining why smoking is bad for your overall health. You might explain the effect on different parts of the body or how it can effect how well you can exercise. Your work should include DETAILED explanations and diagrams of how these can effect the organs of the body

GEOGRAPHY – A little challenge for you class 5. Can you pick 10 countries and find out their most iconic “national food”. You might then present it by labelling it with string on a world map. You might draw the countries flag and the dish and write why it is it’s favourite dish.
I will leave the creative ways up to you.

I won’t post as much tomorrow as these are longish tasks. Have a great day – Mr B

Good morning Class 5 and welcome to Wednesday ✍️☔️

One thought on “Good morning Class 5 and welcome to Wednesday ✍️☔️

  • i tried the jumping frogs but when i tried to do the lowest then ten i GET HIGHER THAN TEN how do you do this?!?!?!?

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