Hello Class 5 hope we are all fit and well this fine Thursday morning. I can’t believe it is already Thursday – this week has flown by.
Todays tasks are as follows.

MATHS – Below is a picture of William Shakespeare’s house in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1564. My question is “how many rectangles can you see in the part of the house outlined in red?”

HISTORY/ENGLISH – with the geography research you did yesterday around different countries “national dish” I would like you to choose 4 of the dishes that interest you the most and research how they became so iconic and well loved in their respective countries. How far did they date back? Did the have a religious aspect to them? Were they passed on through generations?
Please present your research in a detailed fact-file or information page. I look forward to seeing these later in the week.

ART – Now the smoking and alcohol work got me thinking. I would like you to draw/paint/collage/colour a picture of a healthy lung and a picture of a damaged lung that has been subject to tobacco. Doing these side by side would have an even better effect. You may wish to label what has happened to the lung. Be as creative as you like.

Have a great day – Mr B

Good morning Class 5 ! ???

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