First of all I need to start by saying that today will be the last time I post daily work on the Class 5 blog. As of next week we are moving to the new “home learning blog”. This can be found above the FS blog on the website homepage.
All activities, challenges and learning posts will appear on there from now on and will be used a the learning tool both in and out of school. Each week will have a particular theme with the first week being “under the sea” which ties in well with World Ocean Day” in the same week. All the weeks will have a set theme with work being based as best as possible around that.
Please however continue to send me pictures and work to the class 5 email like you always have done. I will the collate everything at the end of the week and post work, pictures and videos onto the class 5 blog.

Now today’s learning is as follows.

SCIENCE – I thought for the last day of this topic we would look at different types of drugs.
So your first task is:

WHAT IS A DRUG? Can you explain or give examples of how some drugs can be beneficial and how others can be harmful.

Next task: can you match the drug type to it’s definition?

Third task: can you decide whether these statements are a myth or the truth? You MUST explain why you think that using scientific knowledge and research.

FINALLY with all this new found knowledge I would like you to create an advertising campaign in the form of a poster to raise awareness of the impact that drugs have on the body. Your messages can be anything from the general negative effects on the body, to how to take medicines safely, to highlighting the impact of specific types of drugs.

IF you finish today’s tasks please complete work from previous days that you may have missed.

Last but by no means least thank you to all of you who have sent me worked, commented on the blog and for all the parents who have given such lovely comments. We have certainly tried hard to make lockdown fun. I am incredibly proud of all the work and effort that has been made by children and parents to make this blog what it is

Thank you – have a great day – Mr B

Welcome to Friday Class 5 ????

One thought on “Welcome to Friday Class 5 ????

  • Thank you again for setting varied and interesting tasks for them to do. You have done a fantastic job in that they could be occupied all day if they wanted, but you have never put any pressure on them to complete any work, just encouraged. It’s certainly been appreciated ?.

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