Well Class 5 we have made to yet another week of remote learning and I must say I have been blown away by the work you have been sending me this week. It really is so pleasing to see everyone in the class producing such a range and variety of excellent work, the writing in particular his week has really put a smile on my face – well done Class 5! Please have a look below at all the great things we have been doing this week before scrolling past it and moving onto today’s work. Now I know there has been a lot of work set this week, consequently there will be limited work set this afternoon so that you can catch up on any activities you may have missed.

What a week Class 5!!

English: Today, we will be starting with writing a complex sentence with a relative clause. Next, we will look at where we would be gathering evidence or information from if we were journalists writing our own newspaper reports. We will then learn how to take notes when gathering information. Lastly, we will practise how to use brackets in sentences.


Guided Reading: From your home reading book, I would like you to write a summary of what is happening so far in your book. your summary must be no more than 100 words; it must be concise and it must give me an outline of the characters and the plot of the story.


Now today we are going to do something different: We are going to play BATTLESHIPS! You can either play these with your parents, siblings, or video call one a friend to play. Read these instructions carefully so you know exactly how to set your game up.

Firstly you will need to create a 4 quadrant grid like your Maths sheet had on yesterday. The four quadrant grid needs to go from 10 to -10 on both the X an Y axis.

Once drawn, you will then need plot your ships on the graph. Your ships sizes are measured in squares. You will need to plot a 5 square ship, a 4 square, a 3 square, a 2 square and finally a 1 square ship on your four quadrant ship.

When you have done that you will need a partner to play against. You will then try and guess where each others ships are placed by guessing the co-ordinates they are drawn on. Remember you read co-ordinates by saying the X axis reading first then the Y axis (along the corridor and up the stairs). The winner is the one who sinks all of their partners boats first. You may also need scrap paper to plot and keep a check of where your partners boats are.

Please see below for my example of what you will need to start the game. It is all drawn out and labelled showing my different sized boats. Make sure your boats are plotted on the corners of the square like mine. There is also a template of squared paper below for anyone who doesn’t have any at home.

Challenge question: Can anyone read the co-ordinates of my boat?

Afternoon: Other than RE there will be no extra work set this afternoon which gives you a chance to get caught up with any outstanding tasks that you may have not had chance to do this week. Remember the topic tasks from yesterday are also part of Monday’s work as is the ICT from this Monday.

RE: Please read the information pdf below which is available on seesaw and follow the link to learn more about Malala Yousafzai below. From here I would like you to re-order the story which is available below and also on seesaw. On seesaw you can write over the top of it – I know some of you did this for the King Arthur Guided Reading activity. I have also added a word document if you would like to print and order with hard copies.

http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/24440653 – Malala Yousafzai

Have a great day – Mr B

Friday 22nd January

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