Good morning Class 5 and welcome to another splendid day of remote learning. First of all well done for yesterday – there was some super work sent to me; I can genuinely see you are putting a lot of effort into your work. Please keep up this wonderful attitude into today’s work.

English: Today, we will look at which time conjunctions are appropriate for newspaper reports. We will sort time conjunctions into the relevant sections of the Venn Diagram. Then, we will look at the notes that we created from the last lesson and add detail to the notes, including time conjunctions and journalistic sentence starters in the plans too.

GPS: In this GPS session, we will start by improving a sentence using adjectives, verbs and an adverbial phrase or clause. Then we will investigate different types of speech punctuation and put them into practice. Lastly, we will write our own speech in bubbles and transfer them into sentences with the appropriate speech punctuation.

Guided Reading: Please continue with the tasks from yesterday. Answers for the comprehension task will be uploaded after dinner with the Maths answers.

Maths: After yesterday’s work on translations I thought we would round-off our work on this topic by looking at reflections across the 4 quadrants.

Worksheet: Please complete, mark and upload to seesaw.

Theme: Using the information below and some of your own research into Anglo Saxon jobs I would like you to create a wanted poster to advertise for an Anglo Saxon job of your choice. Think carefully about the qualities you would need and the skills needed in order to be able to do the job properly. The downloadable sheet is available below in both PDF and word. It is also available on seesaw.

Music: This lesson will consolidate some of the learning from last week, as well as exploring how off beats can be found in different musical styles. Hope you have fun!

Art: We are going to continue with our brooch design work this week and move onto designing and making the brooch. First of all I would like to read the Information PDF that is available on seesaw below to give yourself some ideas of how you are going to create your brooch before designing it and then creating it.

Once you have read it and seen the different ways you can create you brooch I would then like you to design it on the template below. I would also like detailed annotations of the materials you are going to use and how you are going to make the brooch. The template is also available on seesaw.

Once you have designed and uploaded to seesaw, then you a free to make your Anglo Saxon Jewellery. A good way to make these would be to use some old cardboard and tinfoil like the PDF presentation suggests. I look forward to seeing your brooches!

Have a good day – Mr B

Tuesday 26th January

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