Good morning and welcome to the middle of the week Class 5 – the week seems to be flying by! May I just say well done to everyone who posted job adverts yesterday – we really thought hard about the skills needed for the jobs. Also the English work you have been doing this past week has been excellent – keep up the fab work! Right, let’s have a look at the tasks for today.

English: Today we are going to follow on from our plans and write a recount. We will start off by investigating which sentence starters are appropriate for newspaper reports. Then, we will look over our plans from the previous lesson and use them to inform our writing when writing a recount. We will also be using the success criteria to support us in our writing. We will look at a shared piece of writing, followed by a modelled piece of writing. Both methods will support you so you can write your own recounts.

GPS: In this lesson, we will investigate the suffixes -tion, -ssion, -sion and -cian and explore some exceptions. Please watch the video and complete all tasks required.

Guided Reading (2 days): Again like Monday, I am giving you 2 days to complete the tasks.

Task 1: Re-read the text “The Cave” and answer the comprehension questions. The comprehension questions are all about what happens on page 2 of the text. Answers will be posted tomorrow after midday along with the maths answers. PLEASE wait till you have marked your answers before uploading to seesaw.

Task 2: Can you create a comic strip that re-tells the story. You can by all means draw your own comic strip on plain paper or you can use the template below.

Maths: We are going to be looking at factors, multiples, primes, squares and order of operations for the next few lessons. All of these will be pretty simple if we understand our times tables. Please keep learning these and practising at home. Again like always, watch the videos, wait for the answers, mark and upload to seesaw.

Science: Today, we will learn what happens when light travels through two transparent materials. We’re going to learn what refraction is, how we can use it and we will carry out an investigation to show that refraction is occurring. For this lesson you will need a piece of paper and a pencil. If you would like to take part in the demonstration you will need a piece of plain paper and a transparent glass of water. If you don’t have these things then don’t worry! You can still complete the lesson and watch the teacher’s demonstration.


How did you get on with learning the names for pet animals last week? Feeling confident? Today you are going to watch a short video story. It is a modern twist on the Aesop’s fable The Tortoise and the Hare which I’m sure most of you will be familiar with. In French it is called Le liėvre et la tortue.

You won’t recognise all of the vocabulary but have a look at this clip which will give you the key vocabulary and English translation.

Pause the clip after the first slide and watch the story video below. Then you can return to the vocabulary clip to hear your task explained on the second slide.

Did you go back and play the second slide on the vocabulary clip? If so you will know that your task is to look at the pictures from the story and sequence them. There is a template below and also on Seesaw for this so you don’t have to download and print the sheet if you don’t want to.

Challenge activity: Can you add the correct captions (in French?) to the pictures? There is a second template on Seesaw which will show you the correct sequence for the pictures but the captions are now mixed up! (Don’t peek until you have completed the first activity!) Can you rearrange them? You can refer back to the vocabulary snip and the story video to help you, pausing each one when you need to.

As a further challenge you could also draw your own storyboard template (or download the template if you do wish to print one), write out the captions and then do your own illustrations.

Finally there is a word search for you to do based on the video story. As an extension you could write the English translations for all the words that you find using the vocabulary clip to help you.

Bonne chance and have a great day – Mr B

Wednesday 27th January

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