Good morning Class 5 and with a new week brings a new month – does anyone else feel like January went on forever?! I hope you all had a good weekend and managed to get out and about; here’s hoping the weather turns the corner soon and the days become a little bit warmer. I have been impressed this week with the quality of the work being uploaded, you are really trying hard Class 5 – well done to you all. Can I just remind you to make sure work is dated and you have a title for the work you are completing. For instance if it is the English work from last week its might be: English – Recount Statements.

Before we have a look at today’s work, I will let you know that on Wednesday we will be having a bit of a different day as it is Children’s Mental Health Week so keep your eyes posted to see what is going on. For now let’s have a look at what work is set for you today.

English: In this lesson, we will start off by reviewing our knowledge of speech punctuation in all three forms of speech: first, second and interrupted. Next, we will apply this knowledge by practising a sentence using speech punctuation. We will then discuss the success criteria for the lesson. After that, we will review planning from the previous lesson on eyewitness statements, focusing on how to use our planning to support us in writing a paragraph on eyewitness statements for a newspaper report. The final part of the lesson is an independent writing activity.

GPS: Today, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. We will then revise word class. In the main part of the lesson you will develop your knowledge of modal verbs and then apply that new knowledge through a number of activities.

Guided Reading: This week in GR we are going to be looking at the text “The Giants Necklace” by Michael Morpurgo. We will be specifically focusing this week on inferences made within the text. However to start with in this lesson you will find out the author of the book we will be studying and the name of the book. After that you will make inferences by looking at the front cover, learn some key vocabulary and then read the first couple of paragraphs. All your ideas in this lesson are to be collected on a mind map.

Maths: Today we are going to be focusing on square and cube numbers.

Please mark and then upload to seesaw.

Theme (2 afternoons): Like I mentioned on Thursday, today I would like you to build a model Anglo-Saxon village. You can use whatever you want to build it – Lego, card, recycling, straw, etc. Please follow and use your designs and sketches from Monday to help you with your ideas. Below are some ideas I found from the internet; these are however just one house examples, remember you need to create a village so will need to think very carefully about scale and how big your homes are going to be but hopefully they will give you some inspiration…

I am not going to set anything else for today as the models may take you a while. I will also only post a small amount tomorrow afternoon in order to let everyone catch up and finish off as I believe to do these properly and do justice to your excellent designs you may require 2 afternoons. Please post photos on seesaw of your finished models. It would also be great to see some photos of you actually making your models – I love an action shot!

Have a lovely creative afternoon – Mr B

Monday 1st February

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