Good Morning Class 5 and welcome to another week of remote learning. I hope you have had a good weekend, managed to get some rest and are fully re-charged for the week ahead. You will know it is the last week before half term (YAY!) so this week in theme we are going to make a smooth transition from Anglo-Saxons to Vikings. There will be some very different but fun activities for us to complete in the afternoons. English and Maths will stay the same in the mornings. Here’s to a good week Class 5 – let’s keep the effort going for this final week before we all get a well deserved rest!

Parent Update: On Thursday, old cardboard will be needed to make different items needed for an Anglo Saxon Battle. Also if you are in school on Thursday please can you come in warm outdoor clothing that can get mucky.

English (2 days – 1 day planning 1 day writing): Now today in English we are going to have a bit of a topsy-turvy day as I would like you do to all topic tasks first, then move onto the English. You won’t be able to complete it any other way. Once you have read and completed all theme tasks I would like you write a Detailed Newspaper Report based on the findings at Sutton Hoo.

For the newspaper report, I would like you to imagine you are at the scene when all the artefacts are being discovered. You will need a headline, subtitle, a good introduction, both types of speech, and a detailed recount of the events as they unfolded. I have attached a template below for you to use if you wish; you may choose to design your own newspaper template. Please use all what you have learnt for the last two weeks of our English unit. Finally take today to plan your ideas before writing the bulk of the report tomorrow; come up with a snappy headline, what pictures you may included and what witnesses you will interview. I can not wait to see you reports!

Guided Reading: This week in Guided Reading we will be focusing on understanding poetry. Today and for the rest of the week, we will learn about the poet, Walter de la Mere, and read the poem ‘The Listeners’ for the first time. We will then think about our first impressions of the poem and what we understand the poem to be about.

GPS: In this lesson, we will explore an interesting letter string, -fer, and investigate the two different spelling patterns that occur when a suffix is added to words that contain this letter string.

Maths: To start this week we are going to look at rounding. We are going to start off by re-capping what rounding is. Please complete, mark and then upload to seesaw.


Theme: For theme today, I thought we could become Archaeologists and investigate the events of Sutton Hoo learning about what these artefacts found on the site tell us about Anglo Saxon life and culture. Looking at artefacts and forming conclusions about life in Anglo-Saxon Britain is important because: We can learn from the success and mistakes of the people. It can also help us to develop a sense of perspective and belonging as we understand our place in the chronology of British history. Finally it helps us examine the relationships and interactions between Anglo-Saxon groups and societies and compare and contrast them with how we live today.

First of all you will need to watch this video link: This will give you an understanding of the things found at Sutton Hoo.

You will also need to read this information PDF about Sutton Hoo. This is also available on seesaw

Once you have read all of this information and watched the video you have the tasks below:

Task 1: Complete the grid sheet below about artefacts found at Sutton Hoo (the pdf document will help):

Task 2: Next have a look at these artefacts below.

Once you have looked at those please reading the artefact information sheet below: You will need this to help you with the next task.

You will need to download and print off or copy the template (Artefact Examination Sheet – below) onto plain paper.

Once you have done that I would like you to choose one artefact from the picture above and carefully draw it in the centre of the sheet. From here in the boxes around the outside I would like you to find out why this artefact was important in Anglo Saxon culture – Use The Historian Question Sheet to help you as well as the video and information above. This is available below. Also you can use the internet or any books to help you find out any more information about the artefact and add this to the around the drawing.

Have a great day – Mr B

Monday 8th February

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