Welcome to the middle of the week Class 5 – we are creeping ever closer to half term. May I just say I was so impressed with your battle messages using the Anglo-Saxon Runic alphabet. I look forward to seeing them on your battle equipment. Also I’ve been loving the snow pictures and videos – I really hope you all managed to get some time in the snow. Enjoy it while it lasts.

English: Today I thought we would have a go at writing an Anglo Saxon Kenning. Now if you do not know what a kenning is do not worry. The PDF below outlines what one is and how to write one.

Now we have a bit more knowledge on what a kenning is, it is now our turn to write one. However before we do that we need to plan our Kennings. Please use this sheet below to plan your kenning before using the writing template to write your own Anglo Saxon Kenning. When planning, use the box to draw an Anglo Saxon Warrior or Villager or person of your choice and PLEASE think about what the person does before you write your Kenning. Remember they must have a role in Anglo Saxon life. The page about “what the wolf does” in the information PDF should help you when planning and gathering ideas.

Guided Reading: Today there are two tasks too complete but there is no GPS. Firstly, we will learn key strategies for answering retrieval and inference questions and apply these to answer questions about the poem. Please complete all tasks and upload to seesaw when finished.


Secondly, we will look at the structure of the poem and the poet’s choice of language. We will then think about some of the key phrases in the poem and think about their effect on the reader.


Maths: We are going to recap some of the work we did in Autumn Term till the end of half term to make sure we still remember. Today it is numbers to 10,000,000. As usual, please complete, mark and then upload to seesaw.


Theme: In preparation for “Battle Day” tomorrow, I feel like we need to dress and understand what Anglo Saxon Men and Women wore so we can design and make the outfits and get into character!

Anglo-Saxon Clothing

People wore clothes made from woolen cloth or animal skins. Men wore tunics, with tight trousers or leggings, wrapped around with strips of cloth or leather. Women wore long dresses. Women spun the wool from sheep and goats to make thread and clothing styles varied from region to region. For instance, an Anglian woman fastened her dress with a long brooch. A Saxon woman used a round brooch. Clothing also changed over time; these clothes were made out of natural fibres like wool, flax (linen) and cotton. We still use these fibres today to make clothes but back in those days, they were the only types of material available to everyone. Have a look at some of the examples below.

Task 1: Using the information above and your own research, I would like you to design your own Anglo Saxon Outfit. I would also like you to label different parts of your outfit and write a few sentences to explain why you have designed this particular outfit for the party.

Task 2: After you have designed your outfit I would like you to create it, in real-life and in two different ways. The first way is to either dress up a doll or an action figure that you may have around the house. If you have neither of these you can make one like the one below.

Finally, the other way I would like you to create your outfit is on YOURSELF! Can you dress up like an Anglo Saxon in preparation for tomorrows “Battle Day”. I can’t wait to see you outfits. Please remember if you are in school tomorrow please come dressed in your Anglo Saxon Outfits.

Have a great day – Mr B

Wednesday 10th February

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