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Welcome Class 5 to Thursday but more importantly…….BATTLE DAY! Firstly, I have been so impressed with all your work this week and I loved seeing all your outfits yesterday – they were superb! Now today is going to have a bit of a different theme to it as there will be no Maths or English set. Instead we are going to design and make everything an Anglo Saxon or Viking would need to take into battle with them.

The plan today is to move onto Vikings through a fun day of building, battles and invasions. (Feel free to wear your outfits you made yesterday if you wish!)

A quick link that may be interesting to you….The Jorvik Viking Centre have set up a livestream at 10am and 2pm. You may wish to have a watch; the link is below.

Whether you are in school or at home get ready to go into Battle!

To stand any chance against other strong tribes and warriors you will need to create the following to make sure you are suitably equipped:

  1. A Shield – this can be made out of anything you like: cardboard, wood or whatever you can find around the home. This video link may also help if you want to build Viking shields instead. Below are pictures of Anglo Saxon one – so you can decide!

Image result for anglo saxon shield

2. A weapon – this could be an axe or a sword. Again these can be made out of cardbaord. Can you create a message from the runes we did on Tuesday on the weapon that will help you in battle? I look forward to seeing these.

Image result for anglo saxon weapons
Image result for anglo saxon weapons
Image result for anglo saxon weapons

Again below is an image showing Viking Helmets and Weapons.

3. A Helmet – again be as creative as you can be – you could use an old cardboard box and cut it to shape or you simply add paper to an already existing cap or hat, maybe you have an actual helmet in your house! Below are some ideas to get you thinking. Again please write runic messages on these to help you in battle. You can also watch this video link to help you.

Image result for anglo saxon helmet

4. A Den or a Base for your troops – If you are going to attack, you need somewhere to wait until the correct moment to attack. You might want to use cushions in the living room or get outside and build your den in the garden. Wherever you choose, be sure to post a photograph of you inside your den – maybe you could have your lunch in there!

Image preview

Your next challenge needs a bit of imagination, I want you to carry out a ‘steal’ or ‘invasion’. You can do this in a number of ways. First you need to make something to ‘steal’ this could be a piece of jewellery or some coins.

Next you could ask a grown up to hide your coins, you could hide them and make a map for someone to find them or you could hide some and a brother or sister could hide some and you could try to find each others. I can’t wait to see how you decide to do this task.

Your final challenge is to create an animation of your battle. You could use 2animate on Purple Mash, you might want to create an animation using lego or even make a video using yourself! It is upto you. Our computing topic after half term will be animation so I can use this task as an idea of our starting points after the hoilday.

I hope you enjoy the day and have lots of fun being an Anglo Saxon or Viking. I can’t wait to see how you attacked the day on seesaw.

Mr B

Thursday 11th February – Battle Day!

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