Welcome to the middle of the week Class 5!! May I just say what a brilliant start to the week we have had – the work has been excellent and I have been really impressed with your weaving you attempted yesterday! So much better than anything I could do! Please keep up the attitude and effort for today’s tasks which are set out below!

English: We will be following on our work from yesterday and today we will be focusing on how we can use verbs and adverbs to bring our descriptive writing to life! You will also look at how we can use verbs and adverbs to describe objects.


Guided Reading: in our lesson today you will be looking at comprehension and seeing how asking questions and building a ‘internal voice’ in our head which helps us build our comprehension skills. You will also consider some of the author’s language choices and make a prediction based on this. Please complete all task thoroughly before uploading to seesaw.


Maths: Today is our final lesson on volume. Please watch the tutorial and follow the same process we do most days before uploading to seesaw.

Worksheet: Once again the file seems to be too large to upload on the blog so is available to download and complete on seesaw.

Science: Now last half term we didn’t quite finish off our work on light – but do not fear – these next two weeks will guarantee that we cover and finish it off before moving onto sound. So today we are going to be researching the question “How do we see light?”. We will learn the steps that take place when we see an object. We will draw diagrams to show how we see; we will learn the different parts and functions of the human eye; and we will learn why people wear glasses and sunglasses. to complete this lesson you will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a ruler. Please make sure drawings are school standard and we explain any diagrams that we are asked to.


French: Hello everybody and welcome to today’s French lesson and what will probably be our last lesson on animals. We will have some lessons over the next few weeks, however these will be on a different theme.

Everything you need to know today is on the video below, so when you are ready, get watching! You will need to watch right to the very end of the video if you want the answers to the first two activities! These will be available on seesaw.

Finally I am going to read you a traditional tale that you will be very familiar with in English. In fact, if you have siblings in Foundation Stage or class two, they have been working on this story in science and English too. It is the tale of the Three Little Pigs. There is no activity for this video, I just thought it would be a nice way to end our mini-theme on animals and you will be able to see how the French is written as well as spoken. ‘La marmite’ does definitely not mean the same thing as in English!


Have a great day – Mr B

Wednesday 24th February

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