Wow Class 5 – the end of another week! Well done for such a good first week back, you really have got back into the swing of things quickly. The work this week has been really good – I have been particularly impressed with the Theme work and English work you have been producing – keep the attitude and effort up next week.

Now, unfortunately I seem to be experiencing technical difficulties. The picture for yesterday’s theme wouldn’t upload it seems and now the weekly picture posts aren’t fully functioning correctly. Don’t worry though, the theme task was only a small starter task, and I will give everyone chance to show each other’s work during an ICT lesson when we are back on the 8th March.

So onto today’s work.

English: In this lesson, we will be reading the build up of The Viewer by Shaun Tan. We’ll be using our inference skills to deduce meaning from the many strange and curious images that the book contains.

Guided Reading: Today, we will read some of chapter 24. In this chapter Shrimps is very unwell after being robbed. Jim is trying to look after him while trying to find a doctor. We will make comparisons between society in the Victorian times and now. Please complete all tasks that are asked in detail and to the best of your ability.

Maths: After looking at equivalent fractions yesterday, we are going to be focusing on simplifying fractions today. Please watch the tutorial and remember what you were taught in the Autumn Term. Again as usual wait for the answers and mark your work before uploading to seesaw.

Worksheet: Due to ongoing difficulties it is available on seesaw to download and print.

Finish Off Friday: As usual this afternoon will give you the chance to complete and catch-up with any work you have missed or didn’t get round to completing. Use the time wisely!

Have a great day – Mr B

Friday 26th February

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