Good morning class 5 and welcome to March! Spring (hopefully) has finally arrived! I hope you all enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend and managed to get out for a walk or to the park. Well done last week for your efforts towards remote learning – I was impressed with all the work that was being produced. Please keep it going for one final week – I don’t know about you, but I am excited that school normality will return next week! Remember to focus on presentation and the detail and quality of written work for the final week of remote learning.

So today’s work is as follows.

English: For the next three days we are going to be focusing on diary writing. In this lesson, we will be generating vocabulary to use when writing a diary entry. We will be focusing on how to generate adjectives for key nouns, and then moving this on to adding verbs and adverbs to describe what a character might be doing at a certain point of the story. Please complete all tasks and upload work to

Guided Reading: This week I thought we would focus on the text “A Career in Computer Games” by Anthony Horrowitz. We will be focusing again on inferences and deductions, the authors use of language and predicting using the text. Today, we will be introduced to the short story before reading the first part of the story and reflecting upon the main character’s behaviour, interests and relationships. Please complete all tasks in detail before uploading to the blog.

Maths: This week we will be looking at: percentages, converting fractions to percentages and finally finding, comparing and ordering FDP. Today, however we will be going back to basics to understand percentage. Please complete the sheet, mark then upload to the blog.

Worksheet: Again due to technical difficulties – it is available on seesaw.

ICT: Now last week we created simple animations so this week I thought we would do some research on famous animators. The two animators I thought we would research are: Walt Disney and Lottie Reiniger.

Overlooked No More: Lotte Reiniger, Animator Who Created Magic With  Scissors and Paper - The New York Times
Walt Disney - Wikipedia

Task: I would like you to create your own detailed fact-files on each of these two animators. When creating your fact-files think about what they invented, how they created animation, how others used their work, and their general history. I look forward to seeing how you present these.

Theme: Today we are going to learn about Anglo Saxon Kings and how they responded to Viking invasions. First of all you will need to read the Viking Kings PDF which is available on seesaw. Then complete the following tasks below.

Task 1: Using the PDF please answer these comprehension questions.

Task 2: For the next task you need to read these fact cards below about King Alfred and King Athelstan and then decide which 5 facts belong to King Alfred and which 5 belong to King Athelstan. I have provided templates below for you to use if you wish but I do not mind if you create two columns on a plain piece of A4.

Have a great day – Mr B

Monday 1st March

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