We have had an incredibly busy start to the Class 5 learning about our new topic “shake rattle and roll”. In theme we have been explaining how different mountains are formed practically using a range of different items! We then created videos (which are on seesaw) and presented these to the class so we could teach each other’s on how the 5 different types of mountains are formed.

In English, we have been doing research and learning about the life of Edmund Hillary. With all this research we are planning to write a biography detailing the major events in his life. Remember homework for the research is due in on Thursday.

In Maths last week we looked at dividing large numbers by 2 digit numbers using a range of different methods. I was incredible impressed by the work they produced and how well they understood the process.

Finally, last week we lots of PE as the weather was so good and I feel we needed to create a team ethos within the class. We spent 2 great sessions playing Golf and Tennis on the field and I must say I was particularly impressed with how well we did.

Bravo on a great start to the term Class 5

Busy start !

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