Children In Industry

Class 5 have been lucky enough this week to have a workshop run by Dr from the University of York. This program will run for 3 weeks where we will take part in a variety of challenges reporting our results back to different people in industry. This week we reported our Leaky Pipes Experiment to Saltend Chemical Plant. Have a look below at what we got up to.

Ration Book Instructions

In your child’s book bag tonight there is a Ration Book that they are to try and keep to for a week. As a class, we have written a “typical” weekly menu that we would eat at home. From this, we have decided to ration certain luxury items from our diet for the week. I was hoping it would give the children a small flavour of what it might have been like to have food restricted in the war

As parents, what I would like you to do over the course of the week is to date and sign when your child has eaten a particular food that they have rationed in the correct space provided – it is pretty easy to follow.

We will be using the data collected in our Maths Work in the coming weeks.

Hope you all have a fun week

Mr B

A Busy Start….

Wow what a busy start to the year we have had in Class 5. Our topic for this term is “Blackout” which focuses on WW2 and we have been currently been looking at the Blitz during English and Theme work. In English we have been writing descriptions, stories and thinking about empathy in our writing which has challenged us to put ourselves in other people’s shoes.

We have also been doing research about Anderson Shelters and have designed our own which brings me onto this……

HOMEWORK: Over the next two weeks I would like your to build your own Anderson Shelter. Your designs are taken home with you so this will give an adult some idea as to what you would like to achieve. Extra points for electricity being installed and how strong you can make it. I told them a little story of when I built my Anderson shelter when I was in Year 6. Please work together on this homework and I can’t wait to see what ideas are brought into school. These are due in on Monday 18th October.

In Maths, we have been looking at place value and the formal methods for all four operations. At home it would be really beneficial if times tables and addition and subtraction number from 11-20 are practiced so that silly mistakes are avoided.

In Science we are learning about solids, liquids and gases and have this week been investigating the weight of carbon dioxide in a fizzy drink. Have a look at us in action.

Have a good weekend.

Mr B

Goodbye Year 6

Good morning Year 6.

First of all this is not the way any one of us wanted the term to end but ultimately there is nothing we can do about it. I just wanted to say how immensely proud I am of each and everyone of you for dealing with everything that the last 18 months has thrown at you. You have done this admirably and I am so incredibly proud.

Even though I am disappointed and upset we couldn’t share the last few weeks together and do all the usual “end of year” things I normally love doing, I want to say goodbye and wish you good luck. I know I have been isolating for the past 10 days however I know everything that has been going on – I like to keep tabs on you all! I heard how amazing you were in the play and that brought a huge smile to my face when Mrs L rang me after both performances beaming with pride. Jack, in particular well done – super proud! Harry, I even heard you did your part through the computer, amazing stuff! The girls who filled in for Emily – fantastic! Seb on the music – first class! I could go on and on (like I could with this message) however these little instances just highlight what it is like to teach all of you day in day out. You adapt to situations, you triumph and you overcome every obstacle doing so with a smile on your face. I have been incredibly fortunate to be your teacher and I know 100% Hornsea are getting some fantastic students and role models who I will definitely be championing throughout the school next year.

To parents, thank you for your support this year (some of you for two years) and for your help – it has been much appreciated – I am a little sad we couldn’t have the final photos and conversations we usually do but again this is simply something we can not control. I would just like to say your children are a credit to you and have grown up and matured enormously this past year – they will do us and you proud at Hornsea – of that I have no doubt!

So Year 6, please from me, have a fabulous summer, enjoy it as much as you can and more importantly enjoy Hornsea and take every opportunity that is thrown at you. You are an incredibly talented group of children and I will miss you all. Well done this year, you have been an absolute joy to teach.

Mr B

Summer Learning Packs

Summer learning packs have been set to support children in continuing to read and practise key maths and writing skills over the holidays. There are also ideas linked to our themes for next term and outdoor exploration. 

The activities are not compulsory as we know that there are many ‘fun’ ways to incorporate reading, writing and maths into the holiday period -from calculating scores in games to following instructions in recipes!!

So please just enjoy your holidays and use the ideas when needed. 

In light of today’s school closure, you may wish to use some of the activities for home learning.

Please feel free to have a go at these in your own time but remember to also have a good holiday

Mr B

Waste Day

Last Friday, Class 5 was part of the whole school initiative “Waste Day”. During Waste Day we created short films about why it is important to have a plastic free July and designed and calculated the cost of having a disposable and reusable pack lunch. Throughout the day the children learnt lots about waste and the importance of using less plastic.

Mr B

Half Term Round-up

Well done Class 5 on reaching the end of half term. We have certainly covered an awful lot this term and your effort levels have been excellent. Personally, I really enjoyed yesterday and the EURO 2021 KS2 competition yesterday and thought your attitude to the whole day was magnificent from start to finish. Please keep an eye out on the PE blog at the start of next half term for the pictures.

We have also worked incredibly hard on our recent topic Mountains, where we have learnt about Edmund Hillary and how different types of mountains are formed. We have also written reports about what life would be like on the mountains and studied and compared different mountain climates around the world.

Homework: Your task over half term is to create your own volcano and make it erupt. You can create it however you like: one idea might be a 2L bottle which you can paper mache. The pictures below may help you with your design. To make it erupt there are two ways I know: one involves adding vinegar to food colouring and bicarbonate of soda. The other involves adding Mentos sweets to Coca-Cola. I look forward to seeing your designs. Please add these along with videos of you blowing it up to seesaw.

How to Make a Papier Mache Erupting Volcano for the Science Fair - Red Ted  Art - Make crafting with kids easy & fun
Wednesday in year 3! - Bowker Vale Primary School

Have a great break – Mr B