Area and Perimeter

This week we have been working on area and perimeter and costing up a new carpet for all rooms in my very palatial new home. Following on from this today the class were informed that every minute an area the size of our school was destroyed in the Rainforests around the world.  Therefore they were tasked with measuring the area of the whole field and working out how much would be destroyed in an hour, day, week, fortnight and a year.

Have a great weekend.    Mr Barnes




This week in literacy we have worked on a short film called “Ride of the Passage” and produced some descriptive writing and some artwork of the rainforest.

We have also revised and learnt formal methods of multiplication, short and long and have today moved onto short division.


Can you work out 7604 divided by 9 (to 4 decimal places)????


Have a great weekend


Mr Barnes


We are definitely back in the swing of it this week, we have all been working really hard on our topic of Rainforests and have produced non-chronological reports.

In Maths we have been problem solving, doing a “Making a Cake” problem working out the recipe for different amounts of people and working out the costs.

In Guided Reading some of us have been learning about The Great Plague which we have found very interesting.

As I type this we have just finished a really  fun PE lesson in the hall (due to the ever changing weather).

Hope you all have a great weekend and keep practising the spellings!!


CHALLENGE:  Can you write a sentence about the rainforest with a subordinate clause in?

We have had a very busy week this week, getting back into the swing of it.

In Literacy we have been writing our own weather forecasts for rainforests around the world and next week we will be performing them to the class. (So try and watch a forecast on the television over the weekend to get some tips!!)

This morning we have taken part in The Great Grammar Hunt Challenge where we walked around the school answering questions that had been placed up and down the corridor.

Homework today is some place value practise and also a sheet on Verbs, along with a spelling rule to learn.

Please make sure you get at least three entries in your reading log along with at least one adult signature.


Can you find out what ‘possessive pronouns’ are and can you use them in a sentence.

Have a great weekend.

Mr Barnes



Welcome back to the new year and to your first week in Year 6!!

It is going to be a big year this year with lots of hard work but also lots of fun!!!

We have started the week with a measuring activity in maths where all the class have estimated and measured their height, leg length, head circumference etc, these are now recorded and on display on our class wall and the end of the school year we will do the exactly the same activity to see how much we have all grown, which surprises us all every year.

Challenge:  Can you measure a member of your family and convert between mm, cm and m?


We have been extremely busy in class five the past two weeks (just because SATS are over we don’t slow down)

In maths we carried out an investigation where 4 mysterious giant hands appeared in the classroom and the challenge was to investigate the height of the person using each hand.  

Once they had used their maths skills and knowledge to work out the height and sizes of each body part,  they had to draw each person to scale on the playground.


In science we have been researching and setting up experiments to provide scientific statements about Space.


Following on from this today  in Maths we were using a measured diameter scale to draw the planets in our Solar System.  (this is still a work in progress so I will post the photos in next weeks blog)

Hope you all have a lovely weekend


Mr Barnes

What an interesting week we have had!

Class 5 were fortunate enough this week to have a visit from Mr Crozier, who is ex pupil of Brandesburton Primary School.   He was a pupil here in 1947 and was able to give the class an insight into what life was like for children over 70 years ago.    It was very interesting and the class were given the opportunity to ask questions.

We found out that although he was here to learn, he also had to check on the boilers each morning and lunchtime and also to do cut the grass and tend to the gardens.   I believe the children learnt a lot by listening to his stories and looking at his photographs.


We are well on our way with the 175 preparations and have been doing artwork and completing our diary entries for “If the walls could talk”.  These have been very entertaining to read.

In art we have designed our own Mayan plates, these were very colourful pieces of work from the Mayan culture.

CHALLENGE:  Please let me know the most interesting fact you found out from Mr Crozier.

Have a great weekend


Mr B

Summer Term

WOW we have sunshine !!!!!!!

How lovely it has been to see the children enjoying the sunshine this week, we have been able to get outside and play cricket and have an orienteering lesson based on our theme this term of The Ancient Maya Civilisation, where they had to find photographs around the school field and playground of the Mayans and the Anglo-Saxons to compare how they lived.

In art this week we have made some wonderful headdresses from Ancient Maya, using bright colours and feathers, which are now proudly displayed on the board outside of Class 5.

In English we are starting to write a diary entry ‘If the walls could talk’ this is based on a day in the life of a primary school throughout the past 175 years in preparation for our 175th birthday celebrations.

But please be assured we are also working very hard on revision preparing for the forthcoming SAT’s!!!!!



Can you write down 3 facts about Ancient Maya to go on our display board?