Summer Term

WOW we have sunshine !!!!!!!

How lovely it has been to see the children enjoying the sunshine this week, we have been able to get outside and play cricket and have an orienteering lesson based on our theme this term of The Ancient Maya Civilisation, where they had to find photographs around the school field and playground of the Mayans and the Anglo-Saxons to compare how they lived.

In art this week we have made some wonderful headdresses from Ancient Maya, using bright colours and feathers, which are now proudly displayed on the board outside of Class 5.

In English we are starting to write a diary entry ‘If the walls could talk’ this is based on a day in the life of a primary school throughout the past 175 years in preparation for our 175th birthday celebrations.

But please be assured we are also working very hard on revision preparing for the forthcoming SAT’s!!!!!



Can you write down 3 facts about Ancient Maya to go on our display board?

World Book Day

Class 5 have a great couple of days celebrating World Book Day!

We have been concentrating on the David Weisner picture book ‘FLOTSAM’

The children have made their own holiday photo albums (thank you to all parents for helping with sending in the photos) relating to the camera found in the book.

We have also created our own mythical creatures along with imaginary fact files, everyone has really enjoyed using their imagination in the most wonderful ways.

They have produced some amazing descriptive writing along with diary entries all relating back to ‘FLOTSAM’.


Which part of the last two days have you enjoyed doing the most???

Internet Safety Day/SATS

Well its been a pretty ‘heavy’ week in class 5, on Tuesday we had Internet Safety Day where the children were able to discuss areas of safety whilst using the internet/being online.   I must say I was very proud of their knowledge and sensible responses that they were able to offer to our group discussions.

We have also carried out several practice SAT’s tests and learning exam techniques.   The children have handled themselves with great maturity and have achieved some great results showing progress from previous tests and this fills me and the children with confidence for May.

Which test did you find the most challenging and why??

Mr B

Biography of Sir Edmund Hillary

Following on from last weeks homework, we are now starting to write our own biographies of Sir Edmund Hillary.

The children have researched and sourced relevant information and significant dates throughout his life to be able to produce a timeline.


Can you find out how many mountains Sir Edmund Hillary climbed in his lifetime (name them) and calculate the total height of them all together?

Mr B


KC Stadium – Creative Writing Day

WOW what a fantastic day we had yesterday at the KC Stadium!!!!!

We started the day meeting the Hull City Poet David Osgerby, the children had great fun working with other schools to all make up a poem about Hull City.    This was followed by working in teams to act out scenarios as if the children were either players or managers, which they later displayed to other schools in the Media Suite of the Stadium (where the players sit when being interviewed by the press!!!!)  This caused a mixture of nerves and excitement.

After lunch we played some teams games, which was great fun and all the children participated really well.

Our day was finished off in style by being able to ask questions to two Hull City players, Enuho Dicko and John Tyrell.

The children confidently asked some great questions and were fortunate enough to meet the players to obtain autographs at the end.


Happy New Year!

Happy New Year we are looking forward to a very busy term.

Our learning theme for this term is “mountains” focusing on mountain ranges in the UK and around the world.  If you have anything that you think is relevant to our theme we would love to have it in class.  Have you anything for a display?  Have you anything of interest to tell us?

Linking nicely to our theme we will also be covering properties and changes to materials and rocks in Science.

Below you can see some of the artwork already completed titled “Misty Mountains” and class 5 hard at work.

Busy, busy, busy!

Well here we are at the end of another busy week in class 5!

In maths we have working on Area and Perimeter – the class have priced up new carpets for my new Hollywood style house, for which they are all very impressed!!!!

In Science we have been investigating the circulatory system and understanding how our body works.

In English they have written letters home to parents as if they are evacuees, they have enjoyed doing this and have used emotive language to express their feelings.  We have done lots of work on evacuees over the past few weeks and feel this has given them a much stronger understanding.

I hope the rationing homework was not too challenging for the family.

I look forward to seeing the remaining ration books on Monday.

Have a good weekend.



Last Thursday we had a fantastic day at Eden Camp.  The children were able to read articles and newspaper reports  from World War II and to experience scenarios such as the Blackout and the Blitz.   The day has helped enormously  with our topic and English work, where we are currently writing letters home as if we are evacuees.