Well here we are at the end of another busy week in class 5!

In maths we have working on Area and Perimeter – the class have priced up new carpets for my new Hollywood style house, for which they are all very impressed!!!!

In Science we have been investigating the circulatory system and understanding how our body works.

In English they have written letters home to parents as if they are evacuees, they have enjoyed doing this and have used emotive language to express their feelings.  We have done lots of work on evacuees over the past few weeks and feel this has given them a much stronger understanding.

I hope the rationing homework was not too challenging for the family.

I look forward to seeing the remaining ration books on Monday.

Have a good weekend.



Last Thursday we had a fantastic day at Eden Camp.  The children were able to read articles and newspaper reports  from World War II and to experience scenarios such as the Blackout and the Blitz.   The day has helped enormously  with our topic and English work, where we are currently writing letters home as if we are evacuees.



Since the beginning of term we have created some excellent artwork inspired by our theme – The Black Out!

Tag rugby has been our focus in P.E.  Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed their sessions with Alex from Tigers Trust.

Last Week we visited EDEN CAMP.  We all had a great time.

We were extremely proud of how the children conducted themselves on this visit.  They were courteous and inquisitive and from the amount of information they have returned to school with, they gained a lot of new knowledge.

Particular highlights were the blitz and German U-boat huts, the music hall and the outside displays of army transport.

Mount Versuvius

Volcanoes have existed from the time the Earth was formed.

Mount Vesuvius is a very famous volcano that is located near the city of Naples, in Italy, about six miles from the shore of the Bay of Naples.

This volcano has a historical significance, owing to its many eruptions and is particularly well-known for its catastrophic eruption on August 4, 79 AD.


What do you know about this volcano?