Friday 5th March

Before Mrs Altoft shows you today’s learning, I would just like to say a HUGE well done to absolutely EVERY single one of you for your efforts since Christmas. It has been remarkable and I couldn’t be more proud. This period of time has been difficult and is not anything anyone of us could have imagined. However, for me, seeing what you have all completed, how you have dealt with this time and the effort you have put in regardless of being stuck at home has honestly kept me going everyday. You have been amazing and I am really looking forward to seeing you ALL next week – this time for good hopefully (hard work continues however!). Now onto today’s work.

Guided Reading: In this lesson we read part of the climax and consider how the scene and atmosphere changes as the story progresses. We reflect upon our previous predictions and the genre of this text

Maths: Today we are going to focus on finding a percentage of an amount which will lead us nicely into next weeks Maths. Again the usual routine before uploading to seesaw.

Worksheet: Again the worksheet is available on seesaw to complete.

Hi, Mrs Altoft here again today with your FINAL day of Home Learning and our second day of celebrating.

I have heard amazing things from your class teachers about your work yesterday – lets have another great day today!

Before we get started with today’s activities, please make sure your book cover/picture you made yesterday is visible in a window/in your garden for all to see from outside – it will be needed in Activity 2.

Activity 1 – We are going to start the day with a D.E.A.R session – we are going to DROP EVERYTHING AND READ!

This morning, I would like everyone, whether at home or at school, to find something interesting to read and build a den or find a cosy spot and then READ!

Perhaps you could make a crown to wear while you read.

Or some bunting to decorate your den.

Remember to share your photos on Seesaw/Evidence Me so we can see you all reading – I hope to make a display back at school.

Activity 2 – So, yesterday I set you the challenge of creating a book cover/picture for one of the following books and then asked you to display it in a window or your garden. The books of choice were…

Little Red Riding Hood

Jack and the Beanstalk

Goldilocks and the 3 bears

The Ugly Duckling

Today I would like you to go on a walk around the village to see what book covers you can see.

As you walk, please make a tally chart of the different books you find – you will need the results for the next part of the activity.

When you return from your walk, I would like you to create a graph to show which book you found the most. You could use Purple Mash or make a bar graph or pictogram. Year 5/6 perhaps you could really challenge yourself and create a pie chart.

Activity 3 – The official illustrator for World Book Day 2021 is Rob Biddulph. If you are currently in my class, or were in my class last year, you will know that I love to try drawing like the artist himself by following his videos. For our final activity I would like you to try a ‘Draw with Rob’.

Here is the link to his you tube channel…choose a video and get drawing!

Here is my Odd Dog Out…

So, that’s it! You have finished your home learning journey!! WE WILL SEE YOU ALL BACK AT SCHOOL ON MONDAY!!!!!


World Book Day are holding a competition asking you to share photos from World Book Day. There are 4 different categories shared over 4 weeks – please share some of the fab work you have completed with your child.

More information can be found on the following link.

Thank you again to you and your parents for keeping going and doing such a fantastic job.

Mr B

Thursday 4th March

Welcome to Thursday Class 5!! The penultimate day! Before we see what Mrs Altoft has in store for us for the next few days, we are continuing with some English and Maths.

English: In this lesson, we will be reading the rest of The Viewer and discussing its ending. Then, we will make up our own alternative ending and prepare to write that.

Guided Reading: In this lesson we will read the rest of interview and consider Kevin’s feelings, make predictions and consider the story arc in this short story.

Maths: Today we are going to be looking at ordering fractions decimals and percentages – please complete the sheet, mark and then upload.

Worksheet: Again it is available on seesaw to download and complete.

Hello everyone! Mrs Altoft here! Today’s and tomorrow’s blog posts are slightly different because…

and we thought it would be great fun to celebrate whether you are at home or school. We are sharing the same on every class blog today in order to give you the chance to work with brothers and sisters and have a little bit of fun for your FINAL 2 days of home learning.

Before we get started, I just wanted to share the World Book Day live event at 10.30am today which you may wish to watch as a family.

Right, on to our activities, I have planned a range of activities, feel free to tweak them if needed so that everyone has fun!

Activity 1 – As it is World Book Day we would like to unveil something that I have been working on over the last couple of weeks…Brandesburton Primary School’s VIRTUAL LIBRARY!

For your first task this morning I would like you to have an explore of the library and choose a story or two to listen to or read.

Then choose 2 of these activities to complete…


Draw a picture of your favourite part of the story  Draw the main character and write some words to describe them
Draw and write about what you think would happen next in the storyWrite a book review to tell someone else why they should read the story


  Write a book review of the book    Complete a story map of the story
Draw an emotion graph to show how a character feels  Write a sequel to the story – what would happen in part 2?

Please click on the link below to take you to our library on the school website…

ADD LINK – I will send it once Alison has made the library live

I hope you enjoy it!

Activity 2 – As you will have seen I have added an ‘Our favourite stories’ section to our library. For your next task I would like to know about your favourite book. What book do you enjoy reading?

I would like you to create an animation, cartoon or film to retell your favourite story. You could use 2animate on purple mash, you could draw it as a cartoon or you could make it as a film using objects to retell it or you could even star in the film yourself!

Here are two examples we made during the first lockdown…

I can’t wait to see what you create!

Activity 3 – For your third and final activity of the day, I would like you to create something ready for tomorrow. I would like you to create a book cover/picture/model to represent for one of the following books…

Little Red Riding Hood

Jack and the Beanstalk

Goldilocks and the 3 bears

The Ugly Duckling

I would then like you to display your picture in a window/the garden of your house. You might want to just use paper and put it in the window or make an actual model and display it in the garden. Please work as a team together as your finished piece of artwork will be very important tomorrow?!?!

I hope you have a lovely day. Remember to send photos of your work to your teacher on Seesaw/Evidence Me so we can see what you have been doing. Have fun!

Mrs A x

Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning class 5 and welcome to the final middle day of the week for remote learning – hurray – the end is in sight! Well done yesterday for all your weaving – you are all fabulous – so much better than I am. Remember today there is a writing task (diary entry). Please make sure it is detailed and you have used the skills learnt in the previous two lessons. so read on to find today’s work!

English: In this lesson, we will write a diary entry from the prospective of Tristan from The Viewer. We’ll use a plan and success criteria to help us write. Please make sure writing is detailed and sentence punctuation is inserted correctly.

Guided Reading: In this lesson we will read the next part of the story and make inferences to help us reflect upon how Kevin is feeling. Please complete all tasks and upload to the blog.

Maths: Today we are going to revise equivalent fractions, decimals and percentages. Again we have already covered this in Autumn term but I think it would be a good refresher before returning next week.

Worksheet: Again available on seesaw – please complete, mark then upload to seesaw.

French: Bonjour tout le monde, ça va? Hello everyone, how are you? I thought we could play a couple of games today to recap our work on animals. Click the video when you are ready to start.

If you enjoyed that game you can play against family at home or friends in the classroom on lots of different topics, as well as pets, to improve your French vocabulary. Here’s the link to the hangman game.

or you can try the four in a row game too

If you look at the main menu on the same website you will also discover lots of other games to consolidate and improve your vocabulary. Have fun exploring.

Now for another game. It’s a version of a memory game that we call Kim’s Game in English but it doesn’t have a French name so I’m going to call it Le jeu de Madame Platten!

Click on the link when you are ready.

I hope you enjoy playing games to support your learning. Au revoir!

PE: Again we are going to have a go at PE with Mr Dineen! Please watch and have a go!

Have a great day – Mr B

Tuesday 2nd March

Welcome to Tuesday Class 5! Well done for all your work yesterday – I was super impressed with all your fact-files on the two animators! Remember on Thursday and Friday we will be focusing our attention on Book Week – there will still be our English and Maths to cover but in the afternoon there will be a variety of activities for you to do relating to Book Week! Today’s work is below.

English: In this lesson, we will be looking closely at dairy entries. We’ll be understanding why people write diary entries and what are the main features of a diary entry

Guided Reading: In this lesson we will read the next part of the story. We will consider the author’s use of language. We will then keep reading and reflect upon what we can infer about Kevin, the main character. Please complete all work and upload to seesaw.

Maths: Today we are going to be focusing on changing fractions to percentages – we have done this previously in class but I thought it would be a good idea to revise this skill! Remember to complete the sheet, mark it then upload it to seesaw.

Worksheet: Available on seesaw due to being too big to upload to the blog.

DT– After all your amazing weaving last week, I thought today we would look at a different type of weaving based on a circle. Here a very technical version, ours will be a bit simpler.

Have a look at the instructions below and have a try for yourself.

A paper plate may also be useful to use for the circle method. You could even try half a circle to create a sort of rainbow?

I can’t wait to see what you create – have fun!

Music: This lesson begins with consolidating ostinatos, followed by learning and performing polyrhythms using body percussion and grid notation

Have a great day – Mr B

Monday 1st March

Good morning class 5 and welcome to March! Spring (hopefully) has finally arrived! I hope you all enjoyed the warmer weather this weekend and managed to get out for a walk or to the park. Well done last week for your efforts towards remote learning – I was impressed with all the work that was being produced. Please keep it going for one final week – I don’t know about you, but I am excited that school normality will return next week! Remember to focus on presentation and the detail and quality of written work for the final week of remote learning.

So today’s work is as follows.

English: For the next three days we are going to be focusing on diary writing. In this lesson, we will be generating vocabulary to use when writing a diary entry. We will be focusing on how to generate adjectives for key nouns, and then moving this on to adding verbs and adverbs to describe what a character might be doing at a certain point of the story. Please complete all tasks and upload work to

Guided Reading: This week I thought we would focus on the text “A Career in Computer Games” by Anthony Horrowitz. We will be focusing again on inferences and deductions, the authors use of language and predicting using the text. Today, we will be introduced to the short story before reading the first part of the story and reflecting upon the main character’s behaviour, interests and relationships. Please complete all tasks in detail before uploading to the blog.

Maths: This week we will be looking at: percentages, converting fractions to percentages and finally finding, comparing and ordering FDP. Today, however we will be going back to basics to understand percentage. Please complete the sheet, mark then upload to the blog.

Worksheet: Again due to technical difficulties – it is available on seesaw.

ICT: Now last week we created simple animations so this week I thought we would do some research on famous animators. The two animators I thought we would research are: Walt Disney and Lottie Reiniger.

Overlooked No More: Lotte Reiniger, Animator Who Created Magic With  Scissors and Paper - The New York Times
Walt Disney - Wikipedia

Task: I would like you to create your own detailed fact-files on each of these two animators. When creating your fact-files think about what they invented, how they created animation, how others used their work, and their general history. I look forward to seeing how you present these.

Theme: Today we are going to learn about Anglo Saxon Kings and how they responded to Viking invasions. First of all you will need to read the Viking Kings PDF which is available on seesaw. Then complete the following tasks below.

Task 1: Using the PDF please answer these comprehension questions.

Task 2: For the next task you need to read these fact cards below about King Alfred and King Athelstan and then decide which 5 facts belong to King Alfred and which 5 belong to King Athelstan. I have provided templates below for you to use if you wish but I do not mind if you create two columns on a plain piece of A4.

Have a great day – Mr B