Welcome to Class 5!

I hope you have all enjoyed your first three days in class 5 – we have been extremely busy; here is a round up of our activities.

Our topic is Yabba Dabba Doo this half term so to understand how archaeologists work we decided to search every class room bin to try and piece together what they had been up to in the morning. This led to brilliant discussion and we made some hilarious finds.

We also measured different body parts and converted these into different units of measure – we will repeat this process at the end of the year to see how much we have grown.

In Literacy we have started Stone Age Boy where we looked at different guided reading questions thinking about how this civilisation operated on a daily basis and finally we have made a timeline to put into perspective the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages

What a busy first week! Hope you all enjoy a well deserved rest over the weekend.

Mr B

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  • Off to a good start. Thought about when I was at a Primary school and some children were measuring staff heads. No surprise that mine was the biggest. However, some children thought the head teacher should have the biggest head ! Not sure why.

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