We’ve made it to Friday and that Class 5 can only mean one thing….PE!!!!!

So here comes your PE for today.

Please send me your scores. Finally you can do as many attempts as you want from any colour object during the 2 minutes.

ADDITIONAL CHALLENGE – can you create your own garden game and scoring system? Alternatively can you improve and adapt my game? Have a go with your family!

MATHS – tricky one today!

ENGLISH – choose your favourite meal and write a set of instructions on how to make it.
Remember to include: variety of openers, time conjunctions, relative clauses, a variety of punctuation and sub-ordinating conjunctions. I look forward to reading some of these!

DT – now if your parents don’t mind, have a look in the food cupboard and the fridge and see if you can find 5 foods or drinks that can be placed into the 5 food groups that you researched on Monday. If you can’t remember have a look online. You can present this however you like. One thought was to draw a plate then split it into 5 sections. From there you could draw each food into the correct section. You could even colour code it!

MFL – with the foods that you picked from the food cupboards and fridge, can you find out their french name and write them down?
If you’re feeling really clever you could combine the DT and the MFL task. I’ll leave that up to you.

Have a great day – Mr B

Good morning Class 5 ? It’s Friiidddaayyy!!!

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