First off all Class 5, I would like to wish you a Happy New Year and I hope you all had a good Christmas. I honestly however, did not envisage or want the New Year to start like this which I am sure you didn’t as well.

The theme if we were back in school would have been “Buried Treasure” focusing on Anglo Saxons this half term and then Vikings the next half term. I am disappointed to not be able to share it all with you in ‘real life’ but for the next few weeks, this will become our ‘virtual classroom’ and I am looking forward to seeing the work you produce at home. We will start to look closely at this from next week but this week we thought it would be good to complete some activities linked to Christmas like we would have done in school. This will also help to get us all used to remote learning and uploading our work to seesaw.


I hope you all have received the text message about collecting the home learning code for Seesaw tomorrow from school. Please follow the instructions given and remember to post all work into the Home Learning Folder. Any queries please feel free to email me on

If you have decided not to use Seesaw then emailing me photos of your work is also fine. Seesaw is a platform we are using as a school which keeps an online record of work completed and can be consequently picked back up when we are back in school.

Daily Learning

Each day I will upload a post for you to find out about the challenges for the day. I will also share any work I receive from the previous day so everyone can still see what everyone else has been busy with. Please remember to check the blog each day and post your work through seesaw so I can see it and share it.

Mr B

Welcome Back (Sort Of)

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