Good morning class 5 and yes, we have made it to then end of another week of remote learning! I have been amazed this week with the work that has been produced. From Anglo Saxon Brooches to graph work, newspaper reports to Anglo Saxon Villages this week has had it all. Please have a look at some of the excellent work below that you have been uploading to seesaw – it really has been so pleasing to see how much effort you are all putting in. Well done Class 5!!

That brings me on to today’s work. We again are going to have less work on the blog today, allowing you to catch up with any of the tasks you have missed this week, especially in the afternoon. So today’s work is as follows.

English: In this lesson, we will start by using journalistic sentence starters to form the beginning of our factual statements. There will be a list to choose to practise from. We will then discuss the lesson success criteria and make sure it is applied in the lesson. After that, we will look at some examples of eyewitness statements and who could have been at the scene of the event. We will plan two eyewitness statements. Finally, we will look at a modelled piece of writing for the final paragraph of a newspaper report. We will make notes from it and use it for our plans.

GPS: In this lesson, we will investigate plural suffixes and adding the s and es suffixes to nouns.

Maths: Today we have a short video looking at prime numbers to 100. As usual, complete the sheet, mark it and upload to seesaw. Answers will be available around 1:30pm


RE: This afternoon we are going to look at Dalai Lama. Please read the information which is available on seesaw and within the presentation there is a quiz. Please copy the questions on to a piece of paper and answer them. All of the answers are in the text.

Please use the rest of the afternoon to finish off and get caught up with any outstanding tasks you need to do. Remember to save all work in the home learning folder and finally have a great weekend – you deserve it this week Class 5 – well done

Mr B

Friday 29th January

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