Good morning Class 5 – I hope you are ready for another day! Well done on the work yesterday – it was lovely to see your different interpretations of what was found at Sutton Hoo: You really were top Historians. Please keep going with all the work, I am super impressed with your effort and attitude – just 4 more days to go. And with that, let’s have a look at what is in store for you today.

English: Please take today to write and complete your newspaper report from yesterday about the findings at Sutton Hoo. Please read yesterday’s blog as a reminder of your task.

Guided Reading: Today, we will identify vocabulary that we do not know the meaning of. Then, we will look at some strategies for working our the meaning of those words. Finally, we will practise this skill for some of the words in the poem.

GPS: We will be following on from yesterday’s work reviewing the spelling rules and patterns associated with the letter string -fer and use a spelling strategy to remember our spelling words before a spelling test at the end of the lesson. Please remember when watching to Pause videoand remove subtitles so spelling test is done correctly.

Maths: Following on from yesterday we will be focusing on rounding again. This time we will be rounding any number. Please watch the tutorial: It does help when it comes to completing the work.

Worksheet: Please complete, mark and then upload to seesaw.

Theme: Today we are going to look at the Anglo Saxon Runes – which was their version of our Alphabet.


Runes were letters used by the Saxons to write short messages of ownership, like “This belongs to Beowulf”. They were also used to write inscriptions on gravestones, like  “Here lies Alfred. We miss him”.

There are 28 characters in the Runic Alphabet. The Alphabet is called a ‘Futhork’ from the first 6 letters. They were usually carved on wood or stone (not written in books). The runes consist mostly of vertical and diagonal marks, with notably fewer horizontal marks or curves. It is thought that runes were designed this way to help carving in wood. Runes were thought to have magical powers and Saxons thought they would protect them from illness and danger.

Your first task today is to decode these messages. The messages will tell you what the theme is for Thursday and what you will need to make in order to take part.

Theme of the day:

What you will be making:

Task: In preparation for this day, what I thought would be a good idea is if you created your own messages that could go on your battle equipment. You can make them out of different bits of materials. For example: match sticks, wood, art and craft materials etc. Please make them as colouful and as “battle ready” as they can be. I look forward to seeing your messages.

Have a good day – Mr B

Tuesday 9th February.

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