Hello Class 5 and welcome to Tuesday! Hope you all got back into the swing of things yesterday – judging by the amount of work that was posted, you did just get back right on it – well done! Let’s go again today and keep trying hard remembering to produce work just like we would do in school.

I do need to issue an apology. The Viking timeline PDF which was available on seesaw yesterday… wasn’t. My fault. Today however, it is – it will be on by 9am. Please if you get time today (instead or before you do the music, or on Friday) complete yesterday’s Theme work.

So today’s work is as follows.

English: Today, we will be diving into The Viewer and looking closely at a picture from the opening of the text. You will learn how to generate vocabulary to use when writing a descriptive opening.


Guided Reading: In the lesson you will read a little bit more about the workhouses and answer some retrieval and inference questions. After that you will reflect upon Jim’s character based on what you have read so far.


GPS: In this grammar lesson, you will be revising clauses and looking at what makes a subordinate clause. Then, you’ll move onto relative clauses and the relative pronouns we might use when writing one.


Maths: After re-capping volume yesterday we are going to today move onto counting squares to help us work out volume of shapes. Please watch the tutorial, complete the sheet, mark and then upload to seesaw.

Worksheet: Again the worksheet file is too large to upload to the blog so is available on seesaw to download and complete.


After all our fab art work on brooches and necklaces, we are now going to move onto our technology unit for the term – textiles. I thought we would begin by looking at a skill that the Vikings used – weaving. The Vikings used weaving to make their clothes, sails for their ships, decorations for their houses, blankets, bags and more.

To start with have a watch of the video below. Then talk with a grown up about the materials you could use at home.

If you haven’t got any wool, ribbon or ripped up pieces of fabric also work well.

If you have not got any card or wool, you could try one of the ideas below using paper or items from outside.

I can’t wait to see what you create – have fun!

Music(optional due to yesterday’s error with theme) This lesson starts with a welcome song, ‘Funga Alafia’, followed by an exploration of ostinatos – repeated rhythms or patterns.


Have a great day – Mr B

Tuesday 23rd February

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