Good morning Year 6.

First of all this is not the way any one of us wanted the term to end but ultimately there is nothing we can do about it. I just wanted to say how immensely proud I am of each and everyone of you for dealing with everything that the last 18 months has thrown at you. You have done this admirably and I am so incredibly proud.

Even though I am disappointed and upset we couldn’t share the last few weeks together and do all the usual “end of year” things I normally love doing, I want to say goodbye and wish you good luck. I know I have been isolating for the past 10 days however I know everything that has been going on – I like to keep tabs on you all! I heard how amazing you were in the play and that brought a huge smile to my face when Mrs L rang me after both performances beaming with pride. Jack, in particular well done – super proud! Harry, I even heard you did your part through the computer, amazing stuff! The girls who filled in for Emily – fantastic! Seb on the music – first class! I could go on and on (like I could with this message) however these little instances just highlight what it is like to teach all of you day in day out. You adapt to situations, you triumph and you overcome every obstacle doing so with a smile on your face. I have been incredibly fortunate to be your teacher and I know 100% Hornsea are getting some fantastic students and role models who I will definitely be championing throughout the school next year.

To parents, thank you for your support this year (some of you for two years) and for your help – it has been much appreciated – I am a little sad we couldn’t have the final photos and conversations we usually do but again this is simply something we can not control. I would just like to say your children are a credit to you and have grown up and matured enormously this past year – they will do us and you proud at Hornsea – of that I have no doubt!

So Year 6, please from me, have a fabulous summer, enjoy it as much as you can and more importantly enjoy Hornsea and take every opportunity that is thrown at you. You are an incredibly talented group of children and I will miss you all. Well done this year, you have been an absolute joy to teach.

Mr B

Goodbye Year 6

One thought on “Goodbye Year 6

  • Hello mr barns I have loved having you as a teacher we have a amazing team. I’m excited for a new step of the way and will look back on the time we all had together. I am devastated that we couldn’t see you on our last day and do all the things we planned. You have helped me to improve on all the things I needed help on.
    Thank you from Chloe

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